On Mental Health and Creator Wellness

Today we introduce you to Andrea, our Creator Wellness Lead. She'll be taking care of the mental health terrain of Altair and wanted to introduce what she plans to do in her position.

On Mental Health and Creator Wellness

Update: September 22, 2021

We are deeply sorry that it has taken the amount of time it has to handle the contents of this blog post. We wanted to make sure that with the harmful impact it had we are mindful in how we moved forward in correcting our missteps.

The decision we have come to is to remove the contents of the post but not the post itself. We messed up, and we own that. Terminology was used carelessly and some concepts were not fleshed out in a way that the impact would reflect our intention. If we simply removed the post we would not be holding ourselves accountable to doing better in the future.

We will be taking the coming days to update this post, and we will notify via our social platforms when that happens. During this time we will also be educating ourselves, by consulting with marginalized creators, and relevant organizations. We will also be incorporating these resources into our internal handbook so that going forward our entire team will be informed and educated on these matters.

Please read our latest post, Altair Going Forward on how we plan to learn from our mistakes and build a platform we can all be proud of.